Dog Behavior Videos

Rob Peladeau: “Behaviorist Dog Trainer”

Rob Peladeau has been training dogs for almost twenty years. Rob specializes in behavior modification/rehabilitation of aggressive/reactive dogs as well as problem solving for unwanted behaviors. Join us for a talk about how a dog learns, the concepts of Marker Training, and behavior modification through counter conditioning.

Understanding Dog Body Language

This video goes over very BASIC dog body language. This video is meant to give a brief overview of what it means when your dog does a certain behaviour. Dog communication is one of the most misunderstood part of dogs and humans and causes tremendous amounts of problem for both species. If you can take a few parts of this video and apply it to your life and better understanding your dog you will have a more fulfilled relationship with your four legged pal.

Understanding Dog Body Language – Part 2

10 Dog Behaviors Explained

How to Understand Your Dog Better. Dog lovers will agree dogs are the best pets to have: friendly, straightforward, and open, and they don’t have that air of mystery that cats do. However, sometimes dogs do strange things and show body language we can hardly explain. We’ll tell you why your beloved pet wants to chase its tail, hump legs, and sniff other dogs’ butts.

Dog Training Manners in Minutes NOT MONTHS!

Today Pat Muller talks about how you can Train your dog in Minutes NOT MONTHS like some dog trainers like to train. She also explains why treats are seldom a good idea in training. We learn that dogs do not speak English and that we have to associate words with expected behavior. We also learn that the dogs name is not a command, imagine that!

27 STRANGE Dog Behaviors Explained

Dogs have been man’s best friend for thousands of years, and yet it’s only recently that we’re really figuring out our best friend’s way of communicating with us. Our canine companions can understand so much of what we say to them, and they have their own way of letting us in turn, know what’s happening with them. Today we learn what our dog’s odd behaviours really mean.